2020 CLCF Board Member Ballot


2020 clcf Board member ballot

Thank you for participating in the 2020 CLCF Annual Meeting,

Ballots may be submitted through Saturday, December 5, 2020.
Please submit your ballot, using the link below, even if you weren’t able to join the meeting.

Board Members with Terms expiring in December 2020:
*Gary Britton, Denise Goergen, Mike Nast, and Didi Reilly

*Gary Britton is retiring from the CLCF Board.
Denise Goergen, Mike Nast and Didi Reilly are on the ballot to be re-elected for a 3-Year term.

The CLCF Nominating Committee presents the following slate of Directors for a 3-year term:
Meg Jansky, Denise Goergen, Mike Nast, and Didi Reilly

CLCF Board Member Ballot