Self-Guided Hiking

The land preserved by the Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation offers several beautiful hiking opportunities. All trails are intended for the quiet and safe enjoyment of those who visit. For that reason, motorized and non-motorized vehicles are not allowed. These properties are all wildlife sanctuaries, so hunting is prohibited.

fox hill nature preserve

Fox Hill has more than 5 miles of hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country ski trails, all for public enjoyment. The approximately 129-acre site also includes a native prairie with over 50 varieties of plants, and a self-guided hiking trail with signs explaining the various geological and biological features of the area.

In the upland forest are some of the finest ephemeral wetlands in Washington County. Ephemeral wetlands are depressional wetlands that temporarily hold water in the spring and early summer.

Click here to download a map of the Fox Hill trails

Trailhead Location: The Sleeping Dragon Road trailhead is 1/2 mile east of County NN, on the north side of the road, at 4200 Sleeping Dragon Road. The Klingler Memorial trailhead is on County NN on the east side of the road 100 yards past the gravel entrance to Milwaukee Ski Club, by a small gravel lane pulloff with room for 4 cars. Follow the CLCF trail sign.

Parking: Gravel parking lot on Sleeping Dragon Road has room for about 18 cars. The Klingler Memorial parking lot is on the East side of County Hwy N, across from Timmer’s Resort.

Fees: None

Rudorf Farm

This 93-acre property, comprised mainly of open farmlands and wooded edges, includes roughly 5K of hiking and cross-country ski trails. The terrain is sloped towards Big Cedar Lake, and the trails follow the perimeter of wooded pine plantations with a few spots of native woods remaining.

Click here to download a map of the Rudorf Farm.

Trailhead Location: West side of Big Cedar Lake along Hwy 144

Parking: Small lot on Division Road, (the southern boundary of the property) about 150 yards off of Hwy 144 on the North side of Division.

Fees: None

Polk Kames

Polk Kames is a mix of forest, wetlands and farm fields with 2.8 miles of trails that wind through the second largest cluster of Kames in the state. Kames are steep hills — a leftover land form from the last Ice Age that resulted as the glaciers retreated. The Trail is part of the Ice Age Trail system and in the guidebooks is referred to as the Cedar Lakes Segment. It winds through a mixed forest made of old oaks, sugar maple, white birch and beech.

Click here to download a map of Polk Kames.

Trailhead Location: Enter the property from the south side of CHY NN, about ¼ mile east of the intersection with HWY 144 at the south end of Big Cedar Lake

Parking: Small parking lot at the trailhead.

Fees: None

Lockman Property

The trail in the Lockman property heads north about 6.5 miles to County Hwy D, and winds north through Camp Silverbrook (owned by the Girl Scouts) along the heavily forested western side of Lucas Lake. It continues past an esker and crosses a marshy area with a bridge over Silver Creek. It goes up a steep ridge and re-enters land owned by CLCF, then continues north to Ridge Run County Park.

Click here to download a map of the Lockman Property.

Trailhead Location: Access the trail via a parking lot on Paradise Road, approximately one mile west of I-45 in West Bend, WI

Parking: Small parking lot at the trailhead.

Fees: None

Joan M. Pick Nature Preserve

The Joan M. Pick Nature Preserve stands on a moraine formed in the last Ice Age that slopes down to wetlands on the north and west. 56 acres of row crops were planted with a prairie flower mix in 2014. There is a prairie path with views of wetland and woodland and four benches.

Click here to download a map of the Pick trails.

Trailhead Location: 5975 County Road Z, West Bend

Parking: Small parking lot at the trailhead.

Fees: None