Board Leadership

board of directors

Denise Goergen | President
Denise joined CLCF’s Board in 2018. Denise retired after 30+ years of practicing law and has served in numerous professional and nonprofit leadership roles. She has a long-term dedication to conservation and has had a home on Big Cedar Lake since 1997.  Denise enjoys riding her horse and, with her husband, Glenn, all of the outdoor activities available in the Cedar Lakes region.

Mike Nast | Vice-President
Mike joined CLCF’s Board in 2018. Mike grew up on Big Cedar Lake where he developed a great appreciation for the local watershed and the beauty of the Kettle Moraine region. Mike has a BS from UW La Crosse and an MBA from UW Milwaukee. His professional career includes leadership positions in manufacturing businesses and service on several boards. Mike, his wife Michelle, and their two daughters live in the Town of West Bend where they enjoy sailing on Big Cedar Lake, alpine skiing and bicycling.

John Harmon | Treasurer
John joined CLCF’s Board in 2017. He has lived in the West Bend area since 2006 and is an avid user of CLCF’s properties. John is a firm believer in CLCF’s mission of preserving land and maintaining buffers for wildlife. He has a BS from UW-Eau Claire and is currently the Senior Manager of Applications at Broan in Hartford, WI.

Gary Britton | Secretary
Gary joined CLCF’s Board in 2011, Gary served as President of the Board for Friends of Lac Lawrann Conservancy from 2000 through 2010. Gary is a retired mathematics professor from UW-Washington County. He and his wife live in the Town of Polk where he spends spare time tending the prairie garden and other native plantings in their yard, as well as volunteering for several nature-based organizations.

Mary Beth Carr
Mary Beth joined CLCF’s Board in 2019 and has been a CLCF volunteer and committee chair since 2017. She brings with her 30+ years of event management experience with the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Wisconsin State Fair Park. She is an active community volunteer and has had a family home on Big Cedar Lake since 1963 and has seen the positive impact CLCF has had on BCL. Mary Beth and her husband, Frank, love the Town of West Bend and Big Cedar Lake.

Jerry Gensch
Jerry joined CLCF’s Board in 2003. Jerry is a retired school teacher and CLCF’s number one volunteer. Jerry maintains the hiking and ski trails on CLCF’s properties. He is an expert Nordic ski groomer and maintains both the classic and skate lanes at CLCF Nordic. Jerry is a long-time supporter of CLCF and lives on Big Cedar Lake.

Lee Krueger
Lee joined CLCF’s Board in 2016 and has been a volunteer at CLCF since the 1970s. He is a retired science teacher with extensive knowledge of the area’s bio-communities and is CLCF’s invasive species specialist. He has experience as a member of the Town Board, Town Board of Adjustment and Washington County Board. He has been a maple syrup producer for more than 50 years.

Joe Mantoan
Joe joined CLCF’s Board in 2020. Joe and his wife, Laura, have been supporters of CLCF since 1991 when they purchased a home on the west side of Gilbert Lake. They have two other parcels on that side of Gilbert Lake and a 125-acre farm across the road, all of which have some portion in a CLCF easement. Joe and Laura also reside in Whitefish Bay. Joe was a technology and management consultant for 30 years and has served on several nonprofit boards. He is an activist for organic and ecological farming and farmland preservation.

Didi Atwood Reilly
Didi joined CLCF’s Board in 2009. She is motivated by her belief that these lands around us will benefit future generations, and wants to help preserve and protect them. Didi has a BA from Harvard College, a M. of Architecture from Princeton University and currently serves as a Trustee of the University of Chicago Medical Center. Didi and her husband Paul live in Chicago and at Big Cedar Lake.

Cindy Rusher
Cindy has spent her summers on Big Cedar Lake all of her life – and is now a full-time resident. She served as Commodore of the Cedar Lake Yacht Club during 2017-1028. Cindy has previously also held leadership positions at a number of service organizations. She is a 1988 Olympian and a 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist in Rowing and graduated from UW-Madison with a BS degree in physical therapy. Cindy loves all water activities including sailing, rowing, kayaking, swimming and boating. She treasurers the Cedar Lakes region and enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing on CLCF’s trails.

Jynine Strand
Jynine joined CLCF’s Board in 2019. Jynine is a real estate lawyer with a practice in Washington County and has served on numerous professional and nonprofit boards. Jynine grew-up in rural Waupaca County and believes it is important to preserve and protect the lands around us to benefit future generations. Jynine, her husband Greg, and their three daughters enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, boating and snow skiing.

Peter T. Ziegler:  Peter joined CLCF’s Board in May 2020. Peter grew up sailing and spending summers on Big Cedar Lake where through his family he developed an appreciation for the lake.  Peter owns Habitat Restoration Partners, an ecological restoration business, and is the Project Director for Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s statewide habitat program.  He has extensively worked for and with nonprofits around the state where he is able to put his passion to work restoring and managing natural areas.